MSRW Fall 2017 Schedule

Unless otherwise specified, meetings are held in 5450 NQ. Wednesday meetings are held from 12:00PM-1:30PM and Thursday meetings are held from 1:30PM-3PM.
Meetings typically feature a research presentation from an MSRW member, an informal discussion with an invited guest about their research and doing media studies generally, or a workshop on a topic of interest to MSRW’s graduate student members.
9/7 (Thurs): Welcome Back Event
9/20 (Wed): Research Presentation from Dan Herbert
10/4 (Wed): A Conversation with John Cheney-Lippold
10/12 (Thurs): A Conversation with Devon Powers
10/25 (Wed): Historical Methods Workshop
11/2 (Thurs): A Conversation with Meryl Alper
11/15 (Wed): Media Studies Collaboration Between Humanities and Social Sciences (Caitlin Lawson and Amelia Couture)
11/16 (Thurs): Research Presentation from Vicky Johnson (special time and location, 11:30-1PM)
11/30 (Thurs): Organization and Workflow for Critical Scholars Workshop 
12/13 (Wed): Research Presentation from Sriram Mohan and Annemarie Navar-Gill


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