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[CANCELLED: stay tuned for this to be rescheduled for the 2020-2021 academic year!]

Collaboration, Innovation, and Practice in Media Studies Scholarship

Symposium organized by Media Studies Research Workshop

Co-sponsored by the University of Michigan Digital Studies Institute

This symposium is geared towards fostering networks and intellectual communities for graduate students working in digital media studies or related fields within departments that have historically supported a single-author monograph model. Organized around the keywords “collaboration,” “innovation,” and “practice,” this event will explore exciting work that has already been accomplished in various collaboratives and academic institutes, what these modes of scholarship look like, and how adopting different modes of scholarly production can generate better knowledge and insights about the world. The event is guided by the idea that we should not only be curious about media and technology as an object of study, but as a method of knowledge generation and engagement with the world more broadly, encouraging graduate students to consider collaborative, innovative, and practice-oriented approaches to media- and technology-centric scholarship in a world that continues to grow more complex and connected.